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Postpartum Doula of Westchester, NY

Marina’s care for my baby and for me, as a new mother, has been phenomenal. She genuinely loves her work and is empathic, thoughtful, and professional. She is so knowledgeable about newborn care and is super gentle and loving. I trust her implicitly.


We had the pleasure of having Marina help us with our baby at nights. At 10 weeks, our baby still does not sleep well and Marina provided some much needed rest.  Marina has a calm, soothing presence and we felt very comfortable that our baby was being well taken care of. Marina was highly attentive to both the baby and mom, and offered useful advice on the baby’s care and sleep.


Head shot of Marina an a baby. Marina is a postpartum doula

Picture posted with permission


Marina helped create a serene environment for both me and my newborn twins. She is responsible, caring and trustworthy. Marina watched our boys on our first big evening outing and we didn't worry at all while they were in her care. She is also thoughtful and proactive -- she did a wonderful job with organizing the nursery, which she took the intiative to do. I would highly recommend her to other families with newborns.


Marina is a wonderful treasure. We had her help us as a post-partum doula when we arrived home with our 10 day old adopted baby girl. She was absolutely wonderful. My husband calls her the baby whisperer and talks about how intentional and gentle even the smallest of her moves were with our baby. Our girl was comfortable and content with Marina. Our intention was just for overnight child care from Marina, but she offered so much more than we even thought we needed. She helped organize the nursery, gave us tips on baby care, elevated baby girl‘s crib to help her breathing and hooked us into her network to find donor breast milk from multiple sources. She’s amazing, choose her!


Marina has cared for my son since he was two months old - I struggled with PPD and have little support in my area- so finding Marina was such a blessing. She’s a peaceful, positive, gentle presence and has taken such wonderful care of me and my son when she’s with us. She’s knowledgeable about everything and brings a spiritual mind body soul connection to her work.

if you’re looking for support- look no further. She’s a blessing!


Marina is an outstanding postpartum doula and an amazing person. She is caring, thoughtful, calm and confident. She has a way about her that makes babies settle down  and also allows you to take a breath. I'm not sure what I would have done without her!

We moved when our twins were 2.5 weeks old and I was recovering from a c section while also caring for a toddler. Marina made sure all of us were well fed at all times, ran to the grocery store, did other errands, helped with our toddler, changed diapers and set up a changing area, washed bottles, listened to me and helped solve the crisis of the moment, connected me with a wonderful lactation consultant and many other resources, organized and helped us move in, and made sure that I showered and got some much needed rest everytime she came. 

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Marina and highly recommend her!!


Marina is a dream child care provider - any parent would be lucky to have her caring for their child. She's highly professional, attentive, compassionate and loving. Never for a second was I worried about her caring for my baby boy. She's a gift to any family! 


My husband and I had a baby boy in April 2019. I found myself very overwhelmed with a newborn (like everyone!), especially since our families live far away and are unable to visit often. Marina visited a few times during my maternity leave. Her first visit was about a week after we came home from the hospital, at the time our son would not sleep laying down and needed to be rocked/bounced or he slept on top of me. I was beyond sleep deprived. Marina stayed with me while I nursed him, massaged my feet and the she rocked him to sleep/carried him for 2 hours so I could take a nap. I woke up feeling refreshed (it felt like I had slept for 12 hours hahaha), and Marina had even prepared lunch for me. Her i was exactly what I needed. She also cleaned up my kitchen and did the babies laundry which were added bonuses!  

During each visit Marina made me feel like I had things under control and I was doing a great job, sometimes a little encouragement is all you need to keep going. She is a very calming presence yet very efficient with her time. She can also point you to other women in her network for help such as therapists, support groups, massage therapist, lactation consultant (which I also used, she was great as well!). When the time comes for us to have another baby we will definitely be reaching out to Marina. 


Marina provided 10 nights of overnight postpartum doula care after our daughter was born and she was incredible, we couldn’t recommend her more highly. Her calm and warm demeanor put us immediately at ease and she offered helpful guidance in caring for our new baby. She was professional and so sweet with both our infant and our older son (19mo). She always made sure I, as a nursing mother, had enough to eat and drink throughout the night whenever she would bring the baby in to feed. She took great care of our baby while we got some sleep in between feedings. She also offered a few really helpful referrals for breastfeeding support, including an IBCLC and an endocrinologist. Everyone in the family felt very taken care of by her. She was a tremendous help, so grateful to have worked with her!



Marina was a tremendous help and was very sweet and loving with our baby. She is knowledgeable about childcare and is also a great cook. She took care of things even without me asking and allowed me to take some much needed breaks.

Marina was a great and supportive doula during my pregnancy and labor.  During my pregnancy, she was available to answer any questions.  She has a variety of books for her clients to borrow and even suggested music playlists to use during labor.  And towards the end, she even offered to come over to go for a walk and massage my feet to get things moving.  She checked in after every prenatal appointment and I always felt like she was available whether it was because I was going into labor or just had a question.  

I was fortunate to have a very short labor, and Marina was there the entire time and worked seamlessly with the nurses and midwife to make sure I was comfortable and always respecting my decisions.  I would definitely recommend Marina to anyone looking for a supportive and respectful doula!  


We were happy to have another set of hands coming home from the hospital with our newborn and to help us recover days of lost sleep.  Marina was extremely attentive to our newborn’s needs so we could rest easy. A great investment for parents in need of recovery.


Marina has been truly amazing for us on the nights with our newborn that we just needed some extra help and much needed rest. She came into our home and took over with caring for our baby as well as for me.  Being two weeks post surgery I could still barely get out of bed. Marina was attentive to my needs the entire night, bringing me water and snacks all while waking up throughout  the night to feed our newborn. Every time she arrived she was welcomed with great relief just knowing that she was there and that she would take care of everything.  Our only regret is not having her more often. 


Marina is a wonderful, soothing spirit in our home! I love her and my baby loves her. She is dedicated to her job and is very professional. She has provided me with knowledge and resources for new moms that I could not have gotten elsewhere. She is always striving to learn more in the field and share her knowledge with me. She is calming and wonderful. My baby loves to see her smile and hear her sweet voice whenever she comes to our home. I feel very comfortable leaving my new baby with her and I know she will not only be safe, but also have fun and feel loved. Marina’s heart is huge and she also has provided me with much needed support and confidence. She is there for the mom, not only the baby. She has helped me around the house, is a wonderful organizer and makes some killer, healthy snacks. Her scheduling is flexible and she is very up front about her availability and timing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! I consider myself lucky to have met her and will continue to have her in my home as my baby continues to grow. 


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